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creative directors: david crawford, luke sullivan, writer: michael buss, art director: rob story

when michael and i came up with this one, we went right to luke and david and told them that we had the perfect campaign for this assignment. they agreed. nobody could argue with it. like everywhere else that’s instituted a smoking ban in bars and restaurants, the owners were complaining that if new york wouldn’t allow smoking in their establishments, they’d be forced to go out of business. we simply looked at history and used the fact that when other locations (where people had previously been allowed to smoke) decided to not allow smoking anymore, they hadn’t gone out of business. I asked different people around the agency to hand write the “panicky” lines so that each ad would have a “voice,” and the campaign was done. easy and cheap. when it broke, though, it pissed the people in new york off so much that legacy quit running it shortly thereafter. its solid logic had been its greatest downfall. the smokers and bar owners just exploded. i’ve never seen so many letters that started or ended with “fuck you,” “fuck off,” or “go fuck yourselves.”







american legacy

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