americans for the arts – :30 television

creative directors: david crawford, jeremy postaer, writer: michael buss, art director: rob story, director: barton landsman

when we were casting for these, it was depressing. but at the end of the day, a little boy walked in and just knocked it out of the park. his mother told us that he had just finished filming a movie. that movie was “the royal tenenbaums” directed by wes anderson. no wonder he was so good. this little boy’s name was grant rosenmeyer (he played ari tenenbaum in the movie). another interesting note about this production: that’s alec baldwin doing the vo. and finally, this production provided me with my very first trip to new york. i soaked it up – went to all of the museums, walked around and saw the sites and even went up to the top of the world trade center. this was early august 2001.

americans for the arts

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