Doss Elementary
Doss Elementary

doss elementary school – library mural

art directors: shawn harringron, suzanne harrington, artistic consultant: rob story, muralist: billy jewkes (briks)

so, like i stated above, i acted as a consultant on this one. my friends, shawn and suzanne harrington (from the asterisk group) came to me and asked if i could paint a mural in the library of our sons’ (all of our boys collectively) elementary school. after my hysterical laughter subsided, i was able to explain that i was flattered, but that i was the wrong person for the job. however, i did know who the “right” person was. his name was billy jewkes, or “briks” as he’s known in the austin street art world. he came in and knocked it out of the park. below are some shots of the process.


Doss Elementary

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