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creative director: bryan jessee, writer: brian jordan, art director: rob story, photography: brent humphreys, illustrator/backdrop painter: don collins

hyatt hadn’t even finished building the resort when we went out and shot this stuff. bonnie markel was the stylist and she did a fantastic job. the backdrop painter was don collins, an older gentleman who was a well-known and well-respected texas landscape painter, but who had started out as an illustrator. with his expertise, we did our best to mimic diorama backdrops like you’d find in a museum. brent went and covertly shot a plaque at a museum and we shot everything else on location (the grounds at the resort). the backdrops were huge and in two out of the three scenes, we actually hung them up behind the models. but after dealing with wind and water, we opted to just digitally retouch the last one in.




hyatt lost pines

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