jimmy williams photography – double page magazine

art director: rob story, writers: michael buss (inadequacy), rob story (illiterate, picture book), photography: jimmy williams

jimmy needed a campaign to run in archive magazine and this was the idea i offered up. there were actually six of these produced, but three of them had a distinctly different headline style that now seems kind of trite – so i opted to leave them out. kevin peake did most of the retouching.




years later, after my initial campaign was over, mike ferrer (at gsd&m) overhauled jimmy’s ads. the first ad in his series featured a small picture of me in it (because it chronicled a land rover shoot that i was on in spain and france with jimmy and his crew). that’s me in the far left of the small group photo. again, i didn’t art direct this iteration of jimmy’s campaign. it was all mike. i just include it here because my pic was in it and i thought it would be interesting to include. and because i was jealous of how beautifully mike art directed this stuff.


jimmy williams photography

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