Moontower Comedy Festival
Moontower Comedy Festival
Moontower Comedy Festival

moontower comedy festival – “bathroom humor” – public restroom installation

executive creative director: craig mikes, writers: george ellis, bud hasert, art directors: rob story, drew hammond, illustration: rob story, drew hammond, and pretty much the whole darned agency

the idea was to create restroom installations in a select few restrooms around austin. drew, myself and everyone at proof sat down and did their best hand-written/hand-drawn bathroom graffiti. then drew compiled the whole collection into large (specifically-sized) pieces that were printed on clear vinyl and installed on every available surface in both the men’s and women’s restrooms. every drawing and quote related to the comedians that would be appearing at the 2014 moontower festival. the public at large loved it. the carousel above will show you some pics of the installation and the video below¬†shows the rest.

lots of great social action with this one.


aside from the graffiti on the stalls and mirrors, we also produced some “fake” restroom advertisements and then drew on those, too.


Moontower Comedy Festival

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