pangea seed print – the parasite

in 2009, i was contacted by pangea seed, an activist group in tokyo and asked to donate a design for an anti shark finning rally that was going to be held on july 30th of that year. they wanted some prints and a t-shirt design that they could sell to raise money for the effort. i wanted to create something that would be salable for longer than the duration of the rally, so i designed a piece that was timeless in the sense that it represented the broader problem of man as a parasite – slowly destroying the earth (his host). the japanese writing says “the parasite.” it was a run of 100 and it was three color on bristol white. this was actually my very first silkscreened piece. printed by bearded lady in austin. by all accounts the folks at pangea seed were happy.


below are the online store blurbs for the print and the t-shirt designs.

PangeaSeed (Small)3and finally, pangea seed did a fun little interview with all of the artists who were asked to participate. the interview was conducted by “chum” the shark.


pangea seed

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