personal wine – wine label series

art director/designer: rob story, illustration: eric bowman

personal wine came to me and wanted to do a series of labels for some wines that they were about to release. they wanted the art to be sort-of “pin-up” style stuff. so naturally i enlisted the help of eric bowman again. i think these things turned out great. the labels were printed on a metallic stock and the art was embossed. the effect was cool and classy at the same time.(Other)PersonalWineMotherload(Small)(Other)PersonalWineWildcatter(Small)(Other)PersonalWinePlunder2(Small)below are the sketches that eric did for each of the images. i’ve also included the final art in it’s entirety. you’ll notice that the art for “motherload” was originally an old miner. the consensus was that a pin-up style girl was hotter than an old miner so, in the end, a pin-up girl it was.



Personal Wine

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