state farm – integrated campaign – unpublished creative directors: dana satterwhite, rob story, art director: rob story, writer: dana satterwhite, illustration: eric bowman (“date” single page ), gerald guerlais (“home” single page), rod hunt (“driving” double page spread), michael koelsch (“godzilla” giant 3d poster) unfortunately, these never saw the light of day. but i liked them so much that i had to include them. when we concepted them, i thought it would be fun if i hired three different illustrators to do the comps (with the promise that each would be able to do their respective final once the campaign sold in). i couldn’t believe the images i got back. everyone had so much fun with the concept. koelsch’s huge poster is 3d, so dig out a pair of blue/red 3d glasses.



Random Forces Rod Hunt


state farm

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