state farm – proposed online series demo

creative directors: dana satterwhite, rob story, art director: rob story, writer: dana satterwhite, animation: wachtenheim and marianetti

this is the demo for the steve harvey online series. i think this direction would’ve been fantastic, and i’m so glad that we were able to get the demo done. wachtenheim and marianetti were the team that were doing a lot of saturday night live animated skits at the time. with the hopes that the project would move forward, they agreed to produce this piece for us. i think they did it in a week. dana wrote the script, and it was sent to steve harvey to read. of course we hadn’t presented the concepts to him yet, so he had no visual context for what he was reading. he was a good sport though and went into the booth and read the words. then we sent the vo to wachtenheim and marinaetti, and they did their magic.

state farm

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