transverse – company event 4-color process and 3-color silkscreened posters

art director/designer: rob story, illustration: various pieces of found art

i have no finer patron than jim messer at transverse. every year he asks me to design a silkscreen show poster for his company’s christmas party.

2010 Transverse Party Poster 2


Two Hoots 3




Transverse 2016

the poster below, for the 2017 show, was a collaboration between myself and the artist, michael ray charles. in 2018 he won the rome prize which is a pretty big deal. for those of you who don’t know what that is, here’s wikipedia’s summary: “the rome prize is an american award made annually by the american academy in rome, selected via a national competition. the prize is awarded to 15 emerging artists (working in architecture, landscape architecture, design, historic preservation and conservation, literature, musical composition, or visual arts) and to 15 scholars (working in ancient, medieval, Renaissance and early modern, or modern Italian studies). the winners are announced annually in new york city.” if that’s not stellar enough, michael ray was also listed as one of david bowie’s favorite artists at the time of bowie’s death. quite an honor to work with this guy.

and of course, this one was special. we printed it as a four color process poster vs. the usual silkscreen.

Transverse 2017

the poster below isn’t a christmas party poster. it was done for a benefit that jim and transverse were sponsoring.




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