i’m technically an art director, but i really hate to stop there. my real love is typography and design. i also believe that the writing is as important as anything else when it comes to a concept being as great as it can be. so i like to say this to anyone viewing my work: please read the copy. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the best writers out there, and it’s truly the combination of their craft and mine that makes these ads (and design pieces) as beautiful as they are. also a word of caution to the sensitive: be aware that some of my work is a bit racy. i try to make “appropriate” work. and that just means that if the subject matter warrants hard hitting (and sometimes “hard to look at”) imagery, i cater to that sentiment. it’s my way of creating factual, honest and sobering pieces of communication. at any rate,  i appreciate you visiting and spending a few minutes with the things i’ve made. – rob

recognition: the one show (gold) – national addys (best of show print) – new york art director’s club – society of illustrators – american academy of advertising – clio awards – international auto advertising awards – athena awards – good samaritan awards – art directors club of houston – dallas advertising league – dallas society of visual communications – dallas press club – austin addys – texas association of museums – photo district news – post magazine – creativity magazine – archive magazine – print magazine – print regional design annual – print’s best of typography – graphis advertising annual – graphis poster annual – communication arts advertising annual – communication arts typography annual – communication arts illustration annual – communication arts photography annual – communication arts exhibit – the one show showcase – ad age online – texas institute of letters

history: 1992 – 1993 leo burnett (chicago), 1993 – 1995 ddb needham (dallas), 1995 – 1996 time warner’s texas lawyer (design director), 1996 – 2005 gsd&m (austin), 2005 – 2007 mcgarrah/jessee (austin), 2007 – 2008 freelance, 2008 – 2011 sanders/wingo (austin), 2011 – 2017 proof advertising (austin), 2017 – present sanders/wingo (austin)

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