san antonio convention and visitors bureau –

executive creative director: craig mikes, writers: bud hasert, george ellis, art director: rob story, digital creative director: scott staab, photography/film: chris crisman, digital animation/implementation: coloring book studio

the overall plan for this campaign was to shoot the complicated images (which you can see in my print section) and then present them as magazine spreads and also as a microsite. on the microsite, all of the elements in the ads would be “clickable.” as the viewer explores the scenes, they can click on anything that interests them and thus be rewarded with either a short write-up that describes what their chosen element represents, or a short video. chris shot the individual elements as stills and as moving film. then coloring book took the whole thing and made it function online. the short videos below will give you an idea as to how it all worked.

city of san antonio

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