bob mould – 4-color silkscreened poster

art director/designer: rob story, illustration: found art

i’d done another bob mould poster 20 years before i did this one. the first was for liberty lunch (a long-lost music venue in austin) during mould’s tour for his workbook album. the 1989 poster was actually the first one that i ever did for a “big star.” i remember that, after the show, i approached the brooding mould backstage and he simply said, “what do you want!?” when i nervously spit out that i had done the poster for that night’s show, he lit up and was more than happy to sign it. he said i’d done a great job and that he loved it. it was a big moment for me – some well-needed encouragement. i was 19 at the time. so, 20 years later (2009), i had the opportunity to do this one. i started with an old engraving that denoted various archaic thoughts about what particular areas of the brain were responsible for. then i changed those words to things that had some relevance to mould’s career. a true bob mould/husker du fan will be able to figure out what most of them refer to. good luck.


for nostalgia’s sake, i’ve included some shots of my original artwork for the old 1989 poster. since it was produced before computers (bc), it was done in the style of the old school austin poster design gods like micael priest and jim franklin (which means that it was all hand-drawn and pasted together).





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