motorhead – 2-color, 2-sided silkscreened poster (front and back)

art director/designer: rob story

in 2009, i had a great design for a motorhead poster but i didn’t have a venue for it. i tried offering it to stubbs (here in austin) but the other poster artists shut me down. i didn’t realize that once an artist claimed their territory, they fought hard to keep it – understandably so. as a result, i offered it to both houston and new york because of the visual symmetry of the dates (09-18-09 and 09-09-09 – respectively). to my surprise, both accepted the poster. houston’s resident artist, uncle billy (the guy who laid claim to most of the work done at the warehouse live), graciously agreed to allow me to do the motorhead show without a fuss. and live nation in new york was excited to claim it for the roseland show. they even asked me to do a few more.



below are some actual photos from the roseland show in new york (i didn’t take ’em.).


live nation

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