moontower comedy festival – 2012 poster series

executive creative director: craig mikes, art director: rob story, illustration: burlesque design (aziz ansari), emek (steven wright), todd slater (seth meyers)

sometimes, all that’s required of the art director is good taste. you hire the right people to work with, give them some simple, clear direction, and things just come together. that’s the case here. i wanted to do a poster series for the headliners of the 2012 moontower comedy festival (the first one) but i didn’t have the time to do it myself. so i contacted emek, burlesque and todd slater, gave them each a comedian and had them do whatever they wanted. here’s the result. literally, all i did was get the hell out of the way.




todd and emek did variants. here’s what they looked like.


and here’s the steven wright poster actually signed by steven wright.



Moontower Comedy Festival

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