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creative directors: david crawford, jeremy postaer, cameron day, art director: rob story, writer: michael buss, photography: land rover archive images

well, when i say (on my history page) that i’d like people to “read the copy,” i’m talking about this series in particular. all told, there were six of these ads produced. i came up with the look and produced three with michael buss. lou flores (a brilliant art director) helped me refine some of the nuances of the overall design as he produced the other three with cameron day (who sold the campaign and acted as a third creative director and writer). cameron and lou’s three are not pictured, only the three i was lucky enough to do with michael. that brings us around to the writing again. to me, the three that you see below contain some of the best copy that i’ve ever read in a print ad. i’ve always been proud of the design that lou and i ended up with, and cameron’s copy was very good, but shit. i just love the words on ours. this campaign did very well in the shows thanks to the brilliant guidance of jeremy and david, but i’ve always maintained that the writing on these three was what really did it for the campaign as a whole. a few side notes on the photography and retouching: 1. kevin peake (in-house at gsd&m at the time) did all of the retouching, 2. the photography was found in books and researched for rights by our art buyers at gsd&m, 3. the inset image on “popemobile” (the old land rover catalog) was bought on ebay and 4. the old “clipping of the newspaper” in the “queen” ad was fabricated, but the decades-apart images of the queen riding in a land rover, standing in the same position and waving in exactly the same way, were real images. a lucky break that i found those and we were able to use them.




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