sketchbook project 2010 – the machine

in 2010 i decided to take part in an endeavor called “the sketchbook project.” it was conceived in atlanta in 2006 but by 2010 it had moved to williamsburg, brooklyn. the deal was that the “brooklyn art library” (as it was called) would send out a blank sketchbook to anybody who wanted to pay a small fee to participate. all the participants had to do was fill up the sketchbook with drawings, writings, poems, doodles, etc., etc., etc. (whatever they wanted to), and send it back in a month. sketchbooks would then be cataloged and stored in the brooklyn art library as part of the permanent collection. i thought it sounded like fun so i signed up. my theme was “the machine,” so i filled my book up with fanciful machinated devices that did nothing productive. some of them smoked, some of them blew-up but most of them were just a jumble of tubes and pipes and gears. i did a total of 40 drawings in the book (including the front and back covers), but i didn’t think they were all worth sharing, so below you can see my favorite six.


sketchbook project 2010

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